Top 5 Jokes of the Day

Stupid Joke

I used to hate eating my greens as a kid.
For some reason they tasted worse than the other crayons.

Wordplay Joke

My son is doing a school project on battery farming and he asked me for some help.
I know nothing about it though, I thought that batteries were man-made.

Wordplay Joke

I was out walking around my village when a young girl rode past me on her bike.
"Nice night for a ride!", I said.
"Yes, it is", she responded.
Your honour.

People Joke

Get my coat, you've pulled a chauvinist.

Professions Joke

'Undercover cop that infiltrated eco activist group, switches sides.'
It's just like The Fast and The Furious, except instead of fast cars and hot women, they drive hybrids and the women don't shower.