Top 5 Jokes of the Day

Joke Joke

A Native American child walks to his Native American dad and asks him "Dad, why is my younger brother called Full Moon Rising?", where he replies, "That's because when I was making love to your mother, the moon was rising, so we called him that". The child then asks "And why is my sister called Sleeping Wolf?".
"That's because I was making love with your mother in a forest when we saw a wolf sleeping. Why are you asking these questions, Two Dogs Humping?"

Wordplay Joke

For Sale:
Grandfather clock - only one part missing.
Second hand.

Misunderstanding Joke

I saw my ex the other day. Turns out she is married with a baby. What idiot marries a baby?

School Joke

My son was expelled from school recently.
They had a Victorian themed day and he turned up with his black friend on a chain.
That's my boy!

Wordplay Joke

Racist Swingers.
They love it when a Klan comes together.